Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Emergent Pathways Through Art" Becomes a Business

As I near the end of completing my masters in art therapy counseling, I have decided to begin offering my services under the business name of "Emergent Pathways Through Art". This move represents the culmination my acknowledgement of the power of art within my own life. Offered below is a taste of my beliefs and my philosophy. I hope you will come join me, to engage in a very powerful process for awakening your authentic self and for improving your overall well-being.

With Compassion and Gratitude,

Jamie Rogers

Art Therapist and Reconnective Pathfinder

Emergent Pathways Through Art

1722 NW Raleigh Street #417
Portland, Oregon 97209
(503) 621-6178

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As an art therapy student I see art as a powerful tool for evolving the human consciousness on many different levels, but four specific levels provide the basis for my interest in art as a therapeutic medium. First, art creation is therapeutic in and of itself, providing relaxation or stimulation based on media selection and usage. Second, exploring personal art allows insights to surface that were not previously present, by investigating both the art and the process of creating the art. Third, creating personal artwork allows the encapsulation of information about a particular moment within a person’s life, making it available for greater examination, reflection, and integration over time. And Finally, working on a sequence of art pieces allows a person to integrate change more completely and at their own pace, as their awareness increases, as their sensory and mental information finds congruent expression, and as their artwork and life experiences come to bare witness to the changes that are occurring.

Within this therapeutic realm, I see that I am a supportive guide for navigating and providing insight into a person’s artistic expressions. I use my strong sense of presence, authenticity, and compassionate humor to hold the therapeutic space and to enable the occurrence of change. As I have done so, I have seen how art and reflective conversation creates the subtle threads of change that sprout within the therapeutic session and then pervade a person’s life.

At a deeper level, I am motivated by people's traumatic life experiences, which have decreased their joy of life and led to inauthentic selves, to disconnections from the body, heart, and spirit, and to various forms of energy blockages and chronic illnesses. Thus, I intend to focus my therapeutic work on helping people to reconnect to their bodies, hearts, and spirits and to rediscover joy within their authentic self, which I believe will simultaneously help to resolve their traumas and illnesses.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

As an Oregon native, I was born in Astoria and have lived many years in the areas surrounding both Eugene and Portland. For the majority of my youth, however, I lived in Sheridan, Wyoming. Today, I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as I attend Southwestern College in pursuit of a masters in art therapy counseling.

My most significant work, at this point in my life, has involved systems analysis as it relates to the field of computer software. I spent 12 years working with computers, developing my skills in understanding the underlying causes of problems, recognizing patterns, and suggesting and implementing changes. In doing so, I have also been able to extend the application of these skills to other types of work, with a goal of providing tools that improve the productivity of a person's work.

As I become an art therapy counselor, these same systems analysis skills will allow me to work with people on a holistic level, gaining a fuller understanding of the individual before attempting to provide assistance. Again, I will be searching for underlying causes and patterns and making suggestions for change.

This desire to analyze systems also extends into my personal life. I am constantly evaluating my ways of relating to others through reflective processes, with goals of self-discovery, greater awareness, and acknowledgment of the natural connections presented within life.

All of this analysis, may look like I spend a lot of time in my head, which admittedly I have. But, within the last few years, I have begun to work with practices that also allow me to incorporate connections with my intuition, heart, and higher self. Most of this has come to me through my own healing processes, meditation, and intention based energy field work. And yet, in the end, I'm still working with improving the systems of my being that are used for relating to others.

Within the pages of this website/blog, I hope to further extend these ideas of systems analysis by sharing how I have changed within my own evolving system. To facilitate this discussion and to promote an understanding of art therapy, I plan to look at my own art and art making processes.

Please join me in this discussion by sharing your own reflections on the content that will be presented here.

In gratitude,